Express Booking™

Express Booking™ significantly reduces the time it takes to book appointments on the calendar, while helping you avoid errors and miscommunications that occur when talking with clients. This feature is great for businesses with busy front desks as it reduces the amount of time it takes to book, and avoids back and forth with the client.

When enabled, you will have the option to send a link to clients via text message where they must enter their information, add a credit card on file (only if required), and accept your cancellation policy in order to complete the booking.

Any appointments that are not completed by the client within the chosen timeframe will be automatically canceled.

The articles in this section will show you how to set up your Express Booking, how to use Express Booking links, and how to implement Express Booking policies.

How it works:

When a client calls to make an appointment:

  1. Create a new appointment, and get the client's phone number, service, and appointment time over the phone.

  2. Send the Express Booking link™ to the client.

  3. After the client enters their details, the booking is complete.

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