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Using Non-Integrated Payment Processors

You can use non-integrated payment processors with Mangomint, such as:

  • Afterpay

  • CareCredit

  • Cherry

  • Clover

  • PayPal

  • Square

  • Venmo

Appointment scheduling and checkouts can be done through Mangomint while actual payments are collected using your non-integrated payment processor. You will need to update and close sales in Mangomint to ensure you have accurate reports.

Creating a custom payment button

To create a custom payment button for your non-integrated payment processor, go to Settings > Payments & Checkout > Advanced Settings > Custom Payment Methods. Separate each payment type with a comma.

Checking out with a non-integrated payment processor

After adding a custom payment button for your non-integrated payment processor, you can use the custom button to check out sales.

Begin the checkout as you normally would. Enter the total charge amount directly on your payment terminal/device.

After a successful payment, update the sale in Mangomint with any tip/gratuity and select the corresponding payment button.

Enter an optional Reference number for the payment and select Add.

The sale in Mangomint will be marked as Closed.

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