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Set Up Service Customizations

To customize a service for an appointment, you must first set up customization options for the service.

Service customization options are highly flexible. You can set up customization options that:

  • Are required or optional

  • Increase or decrease the service price and/or duration

  • Add a resource requirement to the service

Service customization options can be shared across all your services. If you create customization options for one service, those same options can also be linked to your other services (no need to recreate the same customization options for every service).

To set up and manage service customizations, you must be an Admin user, or you must have the Can manage services permission enabled in Staff Member settings.

Setting up service customizations

Go to Settings > App Manager > Service Customizations and select Enable. Learn more about the App Manager.

Go to Settings > Services and select a service. Select the Customizations tab.

Select Create Option Group. Service customizations are organized into option groups. For example, you can create an option group called Aromatherapy, and add Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Orange Blossom as options.

If you already set up option groups for another service, you can select Add Option Group to add an existing option group.

Prompt for clients

The Prompt for clients will be visible to clients in online booking for the option group. You can use this prompt to instruct clients to select an option.

Group name

The Group name is only used internally and is not visible to clients. This is the name for the option group that appears on the calendar when booking a service.

Available options

Specify the details for each option in the group, including whether the option changes the service duration and/or price.

  • The Option name is limited to 20 characters. Use the Show in online booking as setting to display a different name for an option in online booking (including a name that is more than 20 characters).

  • If the option changes the service duration, the time increments will be the same increments used on the calendar (e.g. 5 or 15 minutes).

  • If the option changes the service price, you can either increase or decrease the price by the amount you specify.

  • If any staff members are excluded from performing the option, you can specify which staff members to exclude.

  • If the option adds a pre or post-commission deduction, the commission deduction will be in addition to any commission deductions for the base service.

  • If you add a resource requirement, clients will only see times in online booking when that resource is available. The resource will be booked for the entire duration of the service.

ImportantIf you set up a customization option that adds a resource requirement from the same resource group as the base service, the system will override & replace the resource requirement for the base service when a client selects that customization option. For example, if the base service requires Room 1 from the Rooms resource group, and the customization option also requires Room 2 from the Rooms resource group, only Room 2 will be required to book the service when a client selects that customization option. To require both Room 1 and Room 2, you would need to separate the rooms into two different resource groups.

Required or optional

Specify whether making a selection for this option group is required or optional. If making a selection is required, you can specify if more than one option can be selected and set a minimum and maximum number of selections.

Advanced options

  • Show option prices in online booking: Enable this toggle to show the price changes (e.g. +$20) next to each option in online booking.

  • Show as base prices in online booking: Enable this toggle to display a base price next to each option in online booking. The base price combines the price of the service with the price of the option. The base price setting only applies to the first option group shown in online booking. Learn more about this setting.

  • Show duration changes in online booking: Enable this toggle to show the duration changes (e.g. +15min) next to each option in online booking.

  • Internal only: Enable this toggle to hide this option group from online booking and exclude it from client emails and receipts. The option group will only be visible internally to staff members. This toggle is helpful if your staff members need to document any special requests or appointment requirements that do not need to be visible to the client.

  • Show icon on calendar when selected: Enable this toggle to show an appointment icon on the calendar when an option from this group is selected.

Adding option groups

When adding an additional option group, you can select an existing option group, or create a new group. If you select an existing option group, keep in mind that any changes made to that group will affect all other services that use that group.

Learn how to customize a service for an appointment.

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