What do the Membership Statuses mean?

Active: Client’s membership is active and payments have been successful. Membership services and product / service discounts are redeemable.

Scheduled: Client’s membership is scheduled to start on a future date. No services or membership discounts will be redeemable before the scheduled start date.

Past Due: If an automatic payment fails, the status of the membership will go from Active to Past Due. The system will then try to charge again for a total of up to four attempts over 7 days. If no charge has been successful, the status will change to unpaid.

Unpaid: A membership is considered unpaid after four unsuccessful payment attempts in 7 days.

Manual Payment Due: This status applies if the membership is set to manual payments. The membership will be in this status when the payment is due and you will need to manually close the sale.

Credit card needed: After a new membership is started, this will be the membership status until the client completes the credit card information request sent via email. Until the client has entered their credit card information and the payment has been successful, the membership will not be active. To send a reminder request, please read: How do I send another credit card email request to my client?

Canceled: The client’s membership has been cancelled and no future recurring charges will incur. Any services that are still remaining on the membership will still be available for use.

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