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What do the membership statuses mean?

  • Active: The client’s membership is active and payments have been successful. Membership services and product/service discounts are redeemable.

  • Scheduled: The client’s membership is scheduled to start on a future date. No membership services or discounts will be redeemable until the scheduled start date.

  • Credit card needed: The client needs to complete the credit card information request sent to them via email. Until the client has entered their credit card information and a payment is successful, the membership will not be active. Learn how to send a reminder request.

  • Manual Payment Due: The manual payment for the membership is due. You will need to manually close the sale for the membership.

  • Past Due: The automatic payment for the membership failed. The system will make four more charge attempts within seven days. If no payment succeeds, the membership status changes to Unpaid.

  • Unpaid: The membership has had four unsuccessful payment attempts in 7 days.

  • Canceled: The client’s membership is canceled and no future recurring charges will occur. Any remaining membership services will still be available to use. Learn more about canceling a client membership.

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