How to Use the Waiting Room

When clients arrive and their service provider isn't quite ready yet, you can check them into the 'Waiting Room'. This makes it easy to keep track of who is waiting and for how long.

As soon as their service provider is ready, you can trigger a text message notifying the client. This allows clients to wait outside or wherever's comfortable. You can then mark the appointment as 'in service' once it has started.

Staff members can check clients into the Waiting Room on the calendar. Alternatively, an automated message can be enabled to allow clients to check themselves into the Waiting Room.

Calendar view of checking in clients into the Waiting Room:

If the automated check-in message is enabled, the system sends an email and text message to the client with a link to check-in 15 minutes prior to their appointment time. Optionally, you can enable a setting that includes asking clients to 'please wait outside' in the message.

Client view with the automated check-in message enabled:

Calendar view:

On the calendar, "Waiting" clients will be shown in purple and clients "In service" will be shown in pink.

Client View with automated check-in message enabled:

  • When you are ready for the client to start their appointment, select the appointment on the calendar and use the Notify button.

  • The client will receive a notification letting them know their service provider is ready.

Once the appointment has started, press the "In Service" button.

Note: If you need to send another notification, use the Send Again button.

Calendar Menu

The calendar menu item will have an icon showing the number of clients who are currently waiting.

To see the clients waiting, use the purple button on the lower left-hand corner of the calendar screen.

How to Adjust Waiting Room Automated Messages:

To make adjustments to the messages that get sent out using the Waiting Room feature go to Settings > Automated Messages and select the Check-in Process tab:

If you would like the automated message to request the client wait outside, select the gear icon next to the message type and enable:

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