Transfer a Package to Another Client

Within the Client Details screen, select the Packages tab to see any packages that have been purchased by or transferred to the client. In this section you can also see the package purchase date and the number of services remaining in the package.

For non-admin accounts, permissions to view and manage packages must be turned on in the staff member settings in order for the staff member to view the "Packages" screen. Also be aware that the link to view the "Packages" page be collapsed under the "More" button in the main top menu.

Transfer a package to another client:

Go to the "Packages" page in the main menu. Note that 

  • Select the package you want to transfer to another client

  • Tap the "..." menu and select “Transfer"

  • Type the name of the client to transfer to and select them for transfer. Confirm

To learn more about Packages check out the following articles:

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