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Calendar Display Preferences

To adjust the display preferences for the calendar, go to Settings > Calendar & Appointments > Display Preferences.

Visible Hours

Select the hours that are visible on the calendar. These hours only determine when your calendar starts and ends. We recommend showing your business hours plus one or two hours around opening and closing time.

Start of the Week

Specify whether the work week starts on Sunday or Monday. The selected day will also be used for reporting purposes.

Zoom Level

This setting changes the size of appointments on the calendar. Select a larger zoom level when your business provides mostly short services (e.g. less than 30 minutes) to ensure that all the appointment info is visible on the calendar.

Visibility of Canceled Appointments

Specify which cancellation types should remain visible on the calendar.

High Contrast Colors on Calendar

When enabled, areas on the calendar where a staff member is not scheduled will be displayed in a dark grey.

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