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Creating Services with Resource Requirements Only (No Staff Required)

You can create or update a service so that it only requires a resource and not a staff member. This is helpful if your business has equipment that clients can use themselves without a staff member needing to be present, such as a sauna or floating pod.

Creating services with resource requirements only

To create or update a service so that it only requires a resource:

Go to Settings > Services. Add a new service or select an existing service.

In the service details, select Additional options and enable the Requires no staff members (only resources) toggle.

Once you’ve created the resource-only service, the service can be booked without having to select a staff member. The service will only need the required resources from the Resources tab in the service details to be booked.

To view appointments on the calendar that only require a resource, select that resource from the calendar filters.

Learn more about viewing resources on the calendar.

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