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FAQ: Express Booking™

What happens if a client doesn't complete the booking?

You will be able to see how much time the client has left to complete the booking. If they miss the time limit, the system will automatically send them a message that their appointment has been canceled. You can still find the appointment on the calendar and bring it back if needed.

We are legally required to collect proof of vaccination. Can this help?

Yes, you have the option to enable an advanced setting that allows clients to upload proof of vaccination before their appointment.

Will this help with fighting chargebacks?

As part of completing the booking, we store information such as the IP address, device model, and the exact cancellation policy that was accepted at the time. This record can later be supplied as evidence for any chargebacks.

Is there an additional fee to use this feature?

No, all customers on Standard and Unlimited plans (and older plans before 2021) get access to this feature immediately. An active Mangomint Pay account is required to enable this feature.

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