Front Desk Display Troubleshooting Guide

This article outlines best practices for troubleshooting your Front Desk Display.

If you are receiving an error message when using your iPad Front Desk Display, follow these steps to troubleshoot an error:

  1.  Ensure that your iPad is connected to WiFi

  2. If you are receiving a notification that your Front Desk Display’s Kiosk Mode is disabled, follow these steps to re-enable: How to Set Up the iPad Kiosk Mode

  3. Check that your Mangomint App is up to date. Visit your iPad’s App Store, and search the Mangomint app. If an update is needed please follow these steps: How to Update your Mangomint App

  4. Force close your Mangomint App by first exiting Kiosk Mode (click the home button three times, enter your pin, then select "End"), then tap your iPad’s home button twice and swipe your finger up on the Mangomint App to close. Next, re-open the app and reset to Kiosk Mode before testing the connection. Additionally, you can hard restart the iPad, if that is easier, for the same results.

If you are still experiencing an error after following these troubleshooting steps, please reach out to our team via chat support.

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