Client Details

In addition to a client's name, email address, and phone number, the following information can also be stored in the client details. To view a client's details, go to the Clients screen and select the client.

Profile Image

Add the client's profile image. If no image is added, Mangomint will use the client's initials on a colored background as the profile image.

Social Media

Add the client's social media handles.

Additional Details

Keep track of additional client details, including:

  • Gender

  • Pronouns

  • Birthday

  • Alternative phone number

  • Referral source

  • Tags (This will allow you to filter the client list by tags. You can separate tags using a comma or a space.)


Add the client's home or mailing address.

Appointment Notifications

Enable or disable Email and SMS appointment notifications for the client.

Online Booking

If needed, you can block the client from online booking.

Client Notes

Add any client notes (also referred to as Global notes) that will be visible from the calendar when booking or viewing an appointment for the client.

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