Add a New Count

This article shows you how to add a new count to your Cash Drawer.

The New Count balance is used as the starting cash balance amount in your cash drawer. Entering a new count resets any previous cash drawer balance.

It is good practice to do a new count every day or at the beginning of a shift to ensure that the cash drawer count matches the amount in the physical cash drawer.

Adding a New Count

  • On the Cash Drawer screen, tap on New Count.

  • On the New Count window, enter the number of bills for each specific bill type and coins.

  • Add any relevant notes.

  • Tap on the Complete button to save.

Note: You can also just type in the total amount in the Other field.

Expected Amount - the amount that the cash drawer should have based on the previous balance, cash sales and any pay-ins and pay-outs.

Actual Amount - the New Count amount as entered. This should match the actual count in your physical cash drawer. If it does not, make sure to check that all pay-ins and pay-outs were correctly logged.

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