Mangomint Pay Balances & Payouts

This article shows you how to view your Mangomint Pay Balances & Payouts.

To view your Mangomint Pay balances & payouts, go to: Settings > Payments & Checkout > Manage Account.

Current Balance

The "Current Balance" is the sum of all payments that have not yet been paid out.

These funds should appear in your bank account according to the payout schedule.


This list shows your payouts that are either in progress, completed, or failed.

Use the drop-down on the right-hand side to view payouts from a specific time period.

Note: Once a payout starts, the funds in the payout are no longer included in the "Current Balance"

How to view fees and transactions

First, select "View Details" next to the payout you are looking for more information on:


The summary tab gives you a breakdown of the total amount in transactions, fees, refunds, as well as the final total after fees are withdrawn.

Note: Fees from refunded transactions will be returned to your account.


The transactions tab shows you all credit card payments processed using Mangomint Pay for the payout period.

Use the hyperlinked sale and/or payment # to refer to any specific transaction.

For a downloadable version of your monthly statement please review: Mangomint Pay Monthly Summaries

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