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How do I fix an unassigned tip?

This article covers how to fix an unassigned tip on a completed sale that has a service. To fix an unassigned tip on a completed sale that only has a gift card or package, follow these steps.

To avoid unassigned tips, you can require staff assignments for services by going to Settings > Payments & Checkout > Advanced Settings > Require Staff Assignments.

Fixing an unassigned tip on a service sale

If a client leaves a tip on a sale that has a service, and a staff member was not assigned to the service, the following message displays when the sale is closed.

To fix the unassigned tip, go to the Sales screen and select the sale.

Select Reopen from the "..." menu.

Assign the correct staff member to the service. This is the staff member who should receive the tip.

Select Go To Payments > Complete to complete the sale.

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