How Do I Fix an Accidentally Voided Sale?

This article will show you how to add a sale back into your Reports if it was accidentally voided.

Voiding a sale removes it from all sales and payment reports. Voiding a sale does not actually refund any payment attached to the sale. If you are interested in that or how to handle refunds in general, please go to: Refunds

Once a sale is voided, it cannot be un-voided. However, if you've accidentally voided a sale, you can create a new sale to properly update your reports.

Step 1: Create a sale identical to the voided sale

  • Visit your Sales tab and select New Checkout:

  • If this sale was assigned to a specific client, make sure you select the same client when creating this new sale.

  • If the sale includes a service or product sale assigned to a staff member, you'll want to make sure the same staff member is assigned to this new sale.

Original sale

New sale

Step 2: Close the new sale to update your reports

  • Make sure the total of this new sale matches the total of the accidentally voided sale, including any tips.

  • To update your sales and payments reports, close this sale using the "Other" payment method. You can also make a note of the previous accidentally voided sale.

Note: Closing a sale with the "Other" payment method will not charge the client, it will simply record the sale within your Mangomint system.

Step 3: Update the date of the new sale

  • If this new sale was created on a different date than the original sale was processed, you'll want to change the date of this sale to properly record when payment was collected.

  • Visit your Sales tab and select your sale identical to the voided sale.

  • Click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the sale sidebar and select "Change Date"

  • Select the date you'd like the sale to be recorded on, and click "Save"

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