How do I fix an accidentally voided sale?

If a sale is accidentally voided, you can add it back into your reports by creating a new sale.

Note: Voiding a sale removes it from all sales and payment reports, but it does not actually refund any payment attached to the sale.

Step 1: Create a new sale identical to the voided sale

Create a new sale that is identical to the voided sale by going to the Sales screen and selecting New Checkout.

  • If the sale was assigned to a specific client, make sure you select the same client.

  • If the sale included a service or product assigned to a specific staff member, make sure you assign the same staff member.

Voided sale:

New sale:

Step 2: Close the new sale to update your reports

Make sure the total of the new sale matches the total of the voided sale, including any tips.

Close the new sale using the Other payment method. You can add a note of the voided sale for reference.

Note: Closing a sale using the Other payment method will not charge the clientit simply records the sale in Mangomint.

Step 3: Update the date of the new sale

If the new sale was created on a different date than the voided sale, change the date of the new sale to accurately reflect when payment was originally collected.

Go to the Sales screen and select the new sale. From the "..." menu, select Change Date, and specify the date to use for reporting purposes.

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