Repeating Appointments

This article shows you how to create and manage repeating appointments

Create a Repeating Appointment

  • On the Calendar screen, select the appointments you would like to repeat. To learn how to create a new appointment, go to: Create a New Appointment

  • On the appointment details, tap on the "..." button and select Make Repeating.

  • Select how often the appointment should be repeated and Save.

Repeating appointments will show a Repeat icon on the calendar and additional information will be displayed in the appointment details below the date. To learn more about calendar icons, go to: Calendar Color Key & Icons

Note: All repeating appointments will be displayed on your Calendar, however, repeating appointments will only appear on the Client Profile as the original appointment that was set to repeat:

Stop a Repeating Appointment

  • Select the appointment you would like to update and tap on the pencil icon to edit.

  • Tap on the pencil icon next to the repeat details.

  • Disable the Repeat this appointment toggle and Save.

Note: Repeating appointments prior to the date selected will remain as is and this will only remove all future repeating appointments.

Update Repeating Appointment details

  • On the Calendar screen, select the appointment that you would like to update. Tap on the pencil icon to edit.

  • Make the update and tap on the Save Changes button.

  • Select if your changes should be applied to this appointment only, or all future appointments.

If This Appointment Only is selected, only this appointment will be updated. Any earlier or later appointments in the repeating series will not be affected.

If All Future Appointments is selected, all appointments in the future (and including the current appointment) will be updated.

Please note:
Changes to the repeating appointment won't be applied to any appointments that have been modified individually.

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