Setting up the Mailchimp Integration

This article explains how to set up the Mailchimp integration in Mangomint.

To learn more about the Mailchimp integration in general, go to: Mailchimp Integration

Step 1: Find your Mailchimp API Key

  • In Mailchimp, click on your profile photo and select Account.

  • On the Extras tab, select API keys.

  • Under Your API keys, click on the Create A Key button.

  • Copy the API key.

Step 2: Connect Mailchimp in Mangomint

  • In Mangomint, go to Settings > Integrations

  • On the Mailchimp settings page, tap on the Edit button.

  • Paste your Mailchimp API key and tap Next.

  • Select the audience list you want to use, and Save.

Current clients will be imported into Mailchimp and any new clients will be added automatically in the future.

To learn how to send email campaigns to your clients, go to: Sending Emails to your Clients using Mailchimp

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