How can I have my staff members clock-in and clock-out on a front desk device?

This article shows you how to enable time clock access for a Front Desk device.

  • Go to Settings (Gear Icon)  >  Staff Members

  • Create a new staff member called "Front Desk". To learn more, go to: Managing Staff Members

  • On the Permissions screen, enable the Can view time clock screen.

Note: The permission "Can manage time cards" should only be enabled for managers or admins. This gives permission to manually create time cards and edit existing time cards.

  • Make sure to disable time clock access for individual staff members to block access to the time clock from their personal devices.

Use the Front Desk login on the front desk computer / iPad where staff members can clock-in and clock-out.

To learn more about Time Clocks in general, go to: Time Clock

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