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FAQ: Reports

Why are some of my sales missing from my Payroll and Sales reports?

Open sales are not included in any Payroll or Sales reports until the sale is closed.

The Payroll report and your Sales reports include all closed sales with a sale date in the selected time period. The sale date may be different than the date the sale was closed if you:

  • Manually change the sale date after the sale is closed

  • Require a full payment in online booking and close the sale on a later date. The sale date is the date the sale was closed, not the date the full payment was collected in online booking.

How can I include additional columns/info in my reports?

Several reports are available for you to download as Excel files. These Excel files may include additional columns/information relevant to the report.

Will archived staff members still appear in reports?

Archived staff members will not appear in the Payroll report, Staff reports, or Business Intelligence reports, even if they performed services during the selected time period. We recommend exporting these reports before archiving a staff member. Alternatively, you can unarchive a staff member to run reports and then archive the staff member again.

Sales for archived staff members will continue to appear in Sales and Payment reports.

Will deleted products still appear in reports?

Deleted products will continue to appear in your Sales reports, but they will be removed from your Product Inventory and Product Inventory Changes reports.

How are deposits reflected in reports?

Deposits are not included in the Payroll report or Sales reports until the service is completed and the sale is closed. However, deposits are included immediately in the Payment Summary and Payment Details reports. Cash deposits will also immediately affect the cash drawer.

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