What happens after an Express Booking™ link is sent?

Once the Express Booking™ link is sent, an appointment is automatically created on the calendar in the Pending completion state:

If the client completes and submits the information requested in the Express Booking™ link, then the appointment will automatically change its state from Pending to Confirmed

Note: You can manually override that the client completes the information required in the Express Booking link by selecting the “Complete” button while the appointment is still in the “Pending completion” state:

If the client fails to submit the information requested in the Express Booking™ link within the allotted time, then the appointment will automatically be canceled, and the client will receive a text message alerting them that is the case:

Note: Once an appointment is automatically canceled, that time slot will be available for booking.

You have 24 hours before the appointment is canceled on the calendar to bring the appointment back into the Pending state and send the Express Booking™ link again: 

Any Express Booking™ request that is not completed or manually put into the “Confirmed” state, will automatically be deleted off the calendar after 24 hours.

If the appointment is automatically canceled, and you would like to enforce your cancellation policy, you can follow the steps in our article: How can I enforce my cancellation policy?

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