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FAQ: Service Customizations

How does commission work with service customizations?

Service customizations are meant to customize the base service rather than act as a separate service.

When a service customization is selected:

  • Staff members who earn a flat rate (dollar amount) commission will continue to earn the same flat rate commission.

  • Staff members who earn a percent (%) commission will earn commission on the sale total (the base service plus the service customization). This means the service customization cannot have a different percent commission than the base service.

If needed, staff members can earn an additional flat rate commission for each service customization. This can only be done if every staff member who performs that service customization earns the same flat rate commission for that customization. To do this, enter a negative Post-commission deduction for the service customization. In the example below, the staff member will earn $5 every time this service customization is selected.

The table below outlines how commission is calculated when service customizations are selected.

Commission type

Commission rate for base service

Service total

Total commission

Total commission with a -$5 post-commission deduction

Flat rate


$100 (includes a $75 base service with a $25 service customization)





$100 (includes a $75 base service with a $25 service customization)



How do memberships & packages work with service customizations?

For staff members who are paid a percent (%) commission, if your memberships or packages are set up to use the Discount price for payroll commission, any service customizations that are paid for by the client at checkout will not be commissioned when a membership or package is applied. This does not affect staff members who are paid a flat rate (dollar amount) commission.

To include service customizations, the membership or package must use the Regular price for payroll commission, or you will need to update the membership or package to include service customizations. Every time the membership or package is applied at checkout, you can include service customizations up to the amount you specify.

Can I track service customizations with reports?

The Service Sales report includes service customization details. Enable the Include service customization details toggle to view the specific customizations that were sold.

Are service customizations displayed on the receipt/closed sale?

Service customizations are included on the client receipt and closed sale.

Do service customizations appear on the client timeline?

The client timeline will include all selected service customizations for an appointment or sale.

How do service customizations affect deposits?

If you require a percentage of the total service price as a deposit at the time of booking, the total service price includes the price of the base service plus any selected service customizations.

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