Mangomint Pay Monthly Summaries

This article shows you how to find information on your Mangomint Pay Monthly Summaries.

These summaries show the starting and ending balance for the month, refunds and fees recorded, as well as list monthly payouts and individual transactions. To find your Mangomint Pay monthly summaries, go to: Settings > Payments & Checkout > Manage Account

Next, scroll down to find months with available reports:

How to view monthly summary reports

First, to choose which month you'd like to view a summary of by selecting "view details":


The summary tab gives you a breakdown of the total amount in transactions, fees, as well as the final total after fees are withdrawn.


The payouts tab gives you a breakdown of your daily payouts for the given month.


The transactions tab gives you a list of Mangomint Pay transactions for the given month including transaction date, type, sale number, payment number, gross payment, associated fees, and net payment.


To download a PDF version of your Monthly Summary, select "download"

For more information on individual payouts, please refer to: Mangomint Pay Balances & Payouts

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