How to Update your Mangomint App

To update your Mangomint App visit this link. If the app is due for an update you will see the "Update" button next to the Mangomint icon. Select this button to begin the update:

Note: If your front desk display is set to Kiosk Mode, you will need exit that mode in order to access the app store.

To disable Kiosk Mode triple-click on the home/top button and enter your passcode. Then tap on "End":

Once the update is complete you can open the app back up to enter Front Desk Mode.

Make sure to re-enable Kiosk Mode by triple-clicking on the home/top button, entering your passcode, and then tapping "Resume".

For more information on how to set up Kiosk Mode, visit: How to Set Up the iPad Kiosk Mode

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