How do I do a product return and refund to a gift card?

This article shows you how to process a product return and refund to a gift card.

Create a zero-value gift card

To get started, you need to create a zero-value gift card assigned to the client making the return.

  • On the Gift Cards screen, tap on Add Gift Card.

  • Type in or scan the gift card number, set the balance to $0.00, and select the client.

  • Tap on Create Gift Card.

Processing the Product Return

  • On the Sales Screen, use the New Checkout button to start the return.

  • Select the Client, and add the product to be returned.

  • Update the quantity to a negative quantity representing how many products are being returned.

  • If you pay your staff members product sales commission, select the staff member who originally sold this item. This is to deduct the returned product commission for the appropriate staff member.

  • Tap on Go to Payments.

  • Tap on the Gift Card button.

  • Scan or type in the gift card number you just created.

  • Tap on Pay to complete the transaction.

  • The balance should now be updated on the gift card.


Once completed, this will add the returned product back to the inventory count.

Note: If the product is not actually going back to inventory (e.g. damaged product), you will need to manually update the count. To learn how, go to: Track Inventory & Add Inventory Change


Product Sales Reports will be updated as well.

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