Check Out an Appointment

This article shows you how to checkout an appointment.

  • On the Calendar Screen, select the appointment you would like to check out.

  • On the appointment detail screen, select the Checkout button.

  • Use the Add Service and/or Add Product buttons to add additional services or products

Note: To add a product to the checkout using a barcode scanner, tap on Add Product and scan the product barcode.

  • Once you have confirmed that you have the correct amount to charge, select the Go To Payments button.

Add Tips & Collect Payment

  • Front Desk Display- The client will select the tip percentage on the iPad while checking out. This will automatically be logged in the system

  • For all others, add tip by selecting a tip percentage to automatically calculate tip, or type a tip amount. Tap on the payment button (Cash, Gift Card, Credit Card, etc.) to close the sale.

For more in-depth information about tips and payment types check out the following articles:

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