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Sending Marketing Emails from a Custom Email Address

By default, marketing emails are sent from the domain, and your business name is used as the Display name.

If you use a custom email address, you can also customize your Display name.

Sending marketing emails from a custom address

To send marketing emails from a custom email address, go to Settings > Business Setup > Advanced Settings > Custom Email Address.

Select Set up custom address.

Select Start setup to begin the setup. You will need to log in to your domain provider (GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.) to complete the setup.

Enter the domain you want to use and select Continue. Your DNS records will be displayed.

Copy each of your DNS records and paste them into your domain provider’s DNS settings. The following articles include instructions on how to do this for popular domain providers:

When you copy each of your DNS records into your domain provider's DNS settings, make sure you select the correct Type for each record. For example, the image above shows 3 CNAME records and 1 TXT record.

Once you’ve added your DNS records to your domain provider’s DNS settings, select Verify records to verify that your DNS records were added successfully. If your DNS records are not verified immediately, you can select Verify records again after a few seconds to try again.

Enter a Sender address and Display name for your marketing emails.

Select Done. Your marketing emails will now be sent from your custom email address.

If a client replies to a marketing email sent from a custom email address, the reply will go to the Contact email address in Settings > Business Setup > Locations.

If you need to remove your custom email address, select Disconnect. You can set up a different address if needed.

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