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How do I set up couples services?

If you offer couples services, appointments for couples services can be easily updated on the calendar if needed. For example, if you need to update the appointment time or change the service provider, simply drag and drop the appointment accordingly.

To create a couples service, such as a couples massage, enter the service details and enable the Requires two staff members toggle under Additional options. This will require two staff members to be selected to book the service.

Learn more about creating services.

When viewing your service settings, you can quickly see which services require two staff members.

When booking the couples service, the service will be booked under the booking client’s name. If the service requires a client form, any submitted forms will only be added to the booking client’s profile.

Staff commission and tips for couples services

For couples services, each staff member receives commission for half of the service price. For example, if Katie and Sara perform a couples massage for $100, they will each receive commission for half of the service price ($50).

  • If Katie receives 30% commission, she will receive $15 (30% of $50).

  • If Sara receives 20% commission, she will receive $10 (20% of $50).

If a client leaves a tip for a couples service, it will be split evenly between both staff members unless a custom split is used.

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