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Creating a Package

To create a package (bundled services), begin by enabling packages in Settings > App Manager > Packages. Learn more about the App Manager.

Once packages are enabled, go to Settings > Package Setup. Select Create Package.

Enter the name of the package. Select Add Group > Add service to group to add a service to the package.

Update the Quantity to reflect how many services the group includes. Update the Group Price to reflect the total price for all services in the group. For example, if you create a package for 10 Signature Haircuts, and each haircut usually costs $85, you can update the Group Price to $750 so that each haircut has a discounted cost of $75.

To create a package with multiple service groups, select Add Group. For example, you can create a Mother's Day package for one haircut, one blowout, and one manicure.

Specify whether to include service customizations in each service group. Every time the package is applied at checkout, you can include service customizations up to the amount you specify.

Specify whether to charge service tax and select when services should expire.

Select Advanced Options and specify whether staff member commission should be paid based on the regular service price or the discounted service price.

Select Create to create the package.

NoteStaff members will receive commission when services are redeemed, not when the package is sold.

Learn more about selling packages.

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