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Mailchimp Integration

The articles in this section cover our Mailchimp integration. Mailchimp is an email marketing tool where you can manage your mailing lists, create custom email templates, and automate your email marketing campaigns.

Our Mailchimp integration works in real-time to keep your client email addresses synced with Mailchimp automatically. When you add new clients or edit existing email addresses, your Mailchimp audience will be updated. As your client database grows in Mangomint, so does your audience in Mailchimp.

To get started, create a Mailchimp account here.

Learn more about our Mailchimp integration on our website and webinars page.

NoteMailchimp is an integration partner and they have a separate monthly fee in addition to your Mangomint subscription. Before connecting, please verify that your current Mailchimp plan supports the number of clients in Mangomint, otherwise, you might get upgraded to a more expensive Mailchimp plan.

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