Mangomint makes checkout and point-of-sale fast and easy. Here are a few payment options to choose from:

Integrated Payments

Mangomint Pay: This is the most integrated option for card payments. This allows you to charge credit cards in person, collect cards-on-file and offers additional features like client self-checkout. To learn more, go to: Mangomint Pay

Poynt: This integration allows your Poynt terminal to communicate directly with your Mangomint account to take payments for services and products. Works with Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Stripe: This integration allows you to save cards-on-file for a completely contactless payment. Keeping cards-on-file is also a great way to protect you from no-shows and late cancellations.

To learn more about our Poynt & Stripe integrations, go to: Third Party Payments

Non-integrated Payments

You could also keep using your current payment solution if you prefer. Mangomint also allows you to use non-integrated payments like Square, Clover, etc. You have the option to create a custom payment button for easier checkout process and report tracking.

To learn more, go to: Payments & Checkout Settings

Processing Payments in Mangomint

There are a few ways to process payments in Mangomint:

  • Front Desk Computer

  • Phone or tablet using the Mangomint App - You can trigger payments on the Poynt device from a phone or tablet.

  • Client Self-Checkout - With Mangomint Pay, you can use the client self-checkout feature which lets clients pay deposits and complete checkout directly on their personal devices. To learn more, go to: Client Self Checkout

  • Online Booking using Cards-on-File - With our payment integrations, you can require a credit card for booking services. This is especially helpful for no-shows or late cancellations.

  • Custom payment buttons - Add buttons for non-traditional payment methods like Venmo, PayPal, loyalty programs, or any other method you accept so you can keep track of all accepted payment types within your business reports

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