Mangomint has integrated payment features that make it easy to get paid and streamline the checkout process. However, it is not required to use those integrated payment features. You can still use the full capability of Mangomint while collecting payments in a different way.

Mangomint Pay

Mangomint Pay card processing is fully integrated with the software and provides the easiest way to accept all major credit cards with straightforward flat rates. To learn more, go to: Mangomint Pay

Front Desk Display

Our Front Desk Display and card reader setup uses an iPad to allow your clients to view the total due for their visit, tip, sign, and choose a receipt option on a client-facing screen. 

See how it works here:

Bluetooth Card Reader + iPhone

You can connect a bluetooth card reader directly to an iPhone to take mobile payments. This option is best for individual service providers that accept payments with their personal iPhone.

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Client Self Checkout

This feature lets clients pay deposits and complete checkout directly on their personal devices. You can send a text message to the client directly from the checkout screen to prompt tipping and payment.

See how it works here:


Provide a quick and secure checkout experience for both clients and staff when you use cards-on-file. Charge the card-on-file for a completely contactless payment. Keeping cards-on-file is also a great way to safeguard your income against no-shows and late cancellations as well.

Other Integrated Payments

  • Poynt - For in-person payments, we also integrate with a credit card terminal called Poynt. Poynt allows you to use a wide variety of merchant accounts or bring your existing merchant account if you already have one.

  • Stripe - You can also connect a Stripe payment account for virtual payments.

Non-Integrated Payments

You can also use Mangomint with your own point-of-sale or credit card terminal. The checkout process with non-integrated devices means you have to type in the sales amount total on the credit card device manually. You will not be able to automatically trigger payments from within Mangomint. 

We can also add custom payment buttons to keep track of other non-integrated payment methods such as cash, checks, Venmo, or PayPal.

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