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Using Multiple Phone Numbers

If you have multiple locations, you can use multiple phone numbers for automated text messages and Two-Way Texting.

Each location can have its own phone number, or you can assign multiple locations to the same number.

This article covers how to manage your messages when using multiple phone numbers.

Managing your messages when using multiple phone numbers

After assigning locations to different phone numbers, you can view conversations for each location.

Admin users can view conversations for all locations. Non-Admin users (Normal users) can only view conversations for the locations that are enabled for them in Settings > Staff Members > Locations.

When viewing a conversation, you can see the phone number and assigned location(s) that will be used to message the client.

If you send a message to a new client with no conversation history, you will be prompted to select a location when you send the first message.

When viewing conversations for all locations on the Messages screen, the same client may appear multiple times in the conversation list. This is because the client has conversations with multiple locations that are assigned different phone numbers.

In the client details, you can view a client’s conversation history across locations.

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