How to Set Up Express Booking™

To enable Express Booking™, go to:

Settings > Calendar & Appointments > Express Booking

Setting Express Booking defaults

The default settings are applied automatically to each new appointment booked via Express Booking™.

Note: These settings can be adjusted for each individual appointment during the booking process.

Automatically enable Express Booking™ for new appointments

Enable this setting to use Express Booking™ by default for all new appointments booked on the calendar.

Note: If automatic Express Bookingis disabled, you will still be able to send an Express Booking™ link during the booking process:

Time limit

This is the amount of time the client will have to complete and submit the information required in the Express Booking™ link.

During this time the appointment will be considered "Pending". If the information is not submitted in time the appointment will be canceled and marked as "Not Completed".

Require a credit card

If enabled clients will be required to enter their credit card information or select a valid credit card-on-file to complete the booking.

Credit card information will be saved to the client's profile for future use and can also be used to enforce your cancellation policy.

To set your cancellation policy, follow the steps in: How to Set your Cancellation Policy

Require a deposit

If enabled clients will be required to pay the specified amount in order to complete the booking.

Note: If booking multiple services in one appointment, the settings here will be applied to all services in the appointment.

  • Full payment: Full service price will be charged for all the appointment services

  • Partial deposit: A fixed amount or percentage of the service price will be charged

To learn more, go to: How to Take Deposits with Express Booking™

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