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Show Base Prices for Service Customizations

When setting up or editing service customizations, you can specify whether an option group should display as a base price in online booking.

To view this setting, go to Settings > Services and select a service. Select the Customizations tab.

Select Advanced Options for the option group.

Enable the Show as base prices in online booking toggle to display a base price next to each option in online booking. The base price combines the price of the service with the price of the option.

The base price setting can only be enabled if the option group requires at least 1 and at most 1 selection.

The base price setting only applies to the first option group shown in online booking. If needed, you can reorder the option groups by selecting Reorder.

An example of this setting is shown below. In this example, hair length is used to determine the base price for a Signature Haircut service.

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