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Payroll Report

This article covers the Payroll report, including how the data in the report is calculated.

Learn more about the available reports on the Reports screen.

How to use the Payroll report

  • Enable the Include sales totals toggle to include the total service sales (Service Sales column) for the selected pay period.

  • Enable the Show detailed view toggle to view clients, services, and adjustments made to sales. Adjustments include any price changes made during checkout, including discounts.

Report columns




The calculated hours do not include unpaid tasks.

Hourly Comp

Hourly compensation is pulled from the scheduled hours of a staff member unless the Time Clock feature is enabled, where it is pulled from the hours the staff member clocked in and out. Hourly compensation does not include overtime calculations.

Product Sales

A product sale will not be included if there is no staff member assigned or there is no commission set when the product is sold.

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