Set Up the Time Clock & Assign Pins to Staff

Enable the Time Clock feature

To start using the time clock you'll need to enable the time clock feature.

  • Go to Settings (Gear Icon)  >  General Settings  >  Features (Under General)

  • Enable the toggle for "Time Clock"

Set Up Time Clock Pins for Staff

  • Staff members will use a unique pin to identify themselves when clocking in/out. 

  • Go to Settings (Gear Icon)  >  Staff Members

  • Select the staff and click "Edit"

  • Enter the pin code and click "Save"

To allow staff members to clock in and out from their own devices from any location, enable "Can view time clock screen" on each staff members permissions tab.

To only allow clock-in/clock-out from the front desk device at the business location, go to: How can I have my staff members clock-in and clock-out on a front desk device?

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