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Enabling the Waitlist

To enable the waitlist, go to Settings > App Manager > Intelligent Waitlist.

To enable access to the waitlist for staff members, enable the Can manage waitlist permission in Staff Member settings.

By default, clients cannot add themselves to the waitlist in online booking. To change this, follow these steps.

Viewing the waitlist

Once the waitlist is enabled, you can open the waitlist from the calendar. To open the waitlist in the mobile app, tap the Filters button and select Go to Waitlist.

If any waitlist entries have an opening available, a notification icon will appear on the calendar.

The total number of waitlist entries for any given day can be found on the calendar, as shown below. As you switch between days, the number will change accordingly.

Using the waitlist with multi-location accounts

The waitlist is location-specific. The total number of waitlist entries is based on the location that is active on the calendar. To change your location on the calendar, use the calendar filters.

Learn more about adding and finding waitlist entries.

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