Adjusting Online Booking Preferences

To adjust preferences related to online booking and time restrictions, go to:

Settings >  Online Booking  >  Preferences

Time Restrictions

The time restrictions setting allows you to select the maxium advance booking days and minimum prior time required for online booking.

  • If the maximum advance booking days is set to "90," then a client can only book an appointment online within 90 days of the current date.

  • If the minimum prior time required is set to 15 minutes, they would have to book a 4 pm appointment by 3:45 pm.

Allow multiple services

This setting allows clients to book multiple services in a single appointment through online booking.

Only allow single staff member bookings

When enabled, this only allows multiple-service bookings with a single staff member. Bookings, where services are performed by different staff members, are not allowed through online booking.

Avoid Gaps in Staff Schedules

When enabled, this feature will only offer online booking times that avoid gaps in staff members' schedules.

  • For completely open days the only available times will be at the beginning and end of the schedule.

  • If there are existing appointments, time slots directly before or after existing appointments, and at the beginning and end of the schedule will be available.

Once a booking has been made, the staff member's calendar will allow booking immediately before and immediately after the selected time for other clients to book.

A downside to this is that it can limit the number of available appointments on online booking because the system will only show time blocks together. So if a client is trying to book for a specific time, it might not show up as an option, unless somebody else is already booked around the same time block.

Please note:
We generally don’t recommend using this feature unless you have a very specific use-case for it. If you would like to discuss if this is a good option for you, please reach out to our team

Collect Photos During Online Booking

After a successful online booking, clients will be asked to upload up to 3 photos that are then attached to their appointment. This part is optional, and won't block clients from completing their booking.

Allow Clients to Join the Waitlist

When enabled, clients are given the option to join the waitlist when booking online. A “Join Waitlist” button will be displayed for dates without availability.

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