Processing, Finishing, and Buffer Times

This article explains what Processing and Buffer times are as well as how to set them up in Mangomint.

To get started, you will need to enable the Processing / Buffer time feature. To do this, go to:

Settings > Calendar & Appointments > Scheduling Options

For more information on Scheduling Options, refer to: Scheduling Options

Processing & Finishing Times

Processing and finishing times can be used for services where the staff has some downtime in the middle of the service and needs to go back to the client afterward to finish the service. As an example, a coloring service, such as a "Partial Highlight", could look like this:

  • Duration: 30 minutes - this is the time it takes to apply the color.

  • Processing time: 45 minutes - the time it takes for the color to develop and the stylist has to wait or could fit in another appointment.

  • Finishing time: 30 minutes - the time it takes to wash the hair and blow-dry it.

Note: During the processing time, the staff member will be available for appointments to be booked via online booking.

This is what a service with processing time looks like on the calendar. 

Buffer Times

Buffer times can be used when a service requires time before or after the appointment. For massage services, this could be the time needed to prepare the room and to clean up the room afterward.

Note: Clients will not be able to book an appointment online during the buffer times of existing appointments. In the example below, the "Basic Mani-Pedi" service has 15 minutes of buffer time before and after the 1-hour long service. 

Setting up Processing & Buffer Times

To manage processing, finishing, and buffer times for services go to:

Settings > Services

  • Select a service to adjust processing, finishing, and buffer times on the Details screen.

  • Tap on Edit and enable the toggle next to processing, finishing, and or buffer times.

  • Select the correct time durations for each and Save.

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