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Adjusting Staff Selection Options in Online Booking

You can adjust how your staff members appear in online booking and customize staff selection settings by going to Settings > Online Booking > Staff Selection.

Randomize staff order

When enabled, the order in which staff members appear in online booking will be randomized.

If disabled, staff members will appear in the same order as your Staff Member settings. To rearrange your staff members in Staff Member settings, simply drag and drop.

Show gender options

When enabled, Female only and Male only options will display in online booking. This setting is helpful for massages or med spa services.

Show "Anyone" option

When enabled, an Anyone option will display in online booking. This is helpful for clients who do not have a preference for who will perform the service.

Anyone & Male/Female staff assignments

When clients select the Anyone, Female only, or Male only options in online booking, you can specify whether staff members are assigned randomly or based on their order in Staff Member settings.

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