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Using the App Manager

The App Manager allows you to fully customize your Mangomint app.

Using the App Manager, you can enable the features you need and disable the features you don’t need. You can also use the App Manager to manage your third-party integrations, including Mailchimp and Shopify.

NoteManaging your features was previously done through Settings > Business Setup > Feature Manager, and managing your integrations was previously done through Settings > Integrations.

To customize your Mangomint app, go to Settings > App Manager. Select an app to view more details and enable it for your account. Learn more about each app below.

Email Marketing

Create sophisticated promotions, announcements, newsletters, and other campaigns with our intuitive email builder and ready-to-use templates. Learn more

Payroll Processing

Run payroll in minutes directly in Mangomint. Process payroll for employees, contractors, and multiple compensation types. Our Payroll Processing app handles all deductions, tax payments, calculations, and filings for you. Learn more

Gift Cards

Sell custom digital gift cards and gift card promotions directly on your website and through your online booking. You can also sell physical gift cards in-store. Learn more


Sell bundled services at a discounted price. You can easily track package sales and view details for each client, including purchase date, remaining service quantities, and usage history. Learn more


Build reliable cash flow and boost client retention. Create and sell custom membership plans that renew on a recurring basis and charge clients automatically or manually. Learn more about Memberships and Membership settings.

Intelligent Waitlist

Add clients to your waitlist when their preferred provider or appointment time isn’t available. Our Intelligent Waitlist automatically tracks incoming waitlist entries and instantly notifies you when there’s an opening. Learn more

Integrated Forms

Create, customize, and collect important forms. Set up customized templates for client-facing forms, external forms, or internal forms such as SOAP notes. Automatically send forms to clients and keep track of form submissions. Learn more

Resource Scheduling

Assign limited resources such as rooms or equipment to your services. Manage resource capacity and schedules, automatically book resources for services that require them, and view resource availability at a glance on the calendar. Learn more

Service Customizations

Deliver personalized experiences and increase revenue with service customizations. Adjust pricing, service duration, and more for every available option to streamline booking while offering an enhanced client experience. Learn more

Time Clock

Track your staff’s working hours and time spent on paid and unpaid tasks. Assign unique PIN numbers for clocking in and out, manage time cards, and generate time clock reports. Learn more about the Time Clock and Time Clock settings.

Cash Drawer

Manage your cash sales directly inside Mangomint. You can add new pay-ins and pay-outs, perform daily counts and closeouts, and pay out your staff's tips in cash. Learn more

Purchase Orders

Create lists of products and quantities to order from each supplier based on preset inventory preferences. Check current stock levels against how many products you want on hand so you always order just the right amount. Learn more


Create targeted email marketing campaigns that boost client engagement and increase bookings. Our Mailchimp integration works in real-time to keep your client email addresses synced with Mailchimp automatically. Learn more


The WaiverForever integration allows you to store completed forms from WaiverForever on the client timeline in Mangomint. Learn more


Shopify allows you to sell and ship products with ease. Use our Shopify integration to sync product inventory seamlessly between Mangomint and your Shopify online store. Learn more


We offer webhooks for businesses that require unique solutions. Send event data from Mangomint to other third-party applications in order to trigger sequences, notifications, and other workflows.

  • Set up powerful, flexible integrations between Mangomint and other applications you use to manage your business

  • Notify external systems whenever key events happen in Mangomint related to appointment and form activity, sales, clients, and membership status

  • Trigger timely, personalized email sequences and other actions

Contact chat support to get started with Webhooks.

Gift Up!

The Gift Up! integration automatically syncs online gift card sales with Mangomint and links balances to the owner client’s profile. Whenever a gift card is sold through Gift Up!, it will be automatically added to Mangomint. Learn more

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