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How to Process Full Refunds

This article covers how to process a full refund with Mangomint Pay. To process a partial refund with Mangomint Pay, follow these steps.

There are two important steps when completing refunds. The first step is to refund the payment, which returns the funds to the client. The second step is to update the original sale, which ensures you have accurate reports.

Step 1: Refunding the payment

Go to the Sales screen and select the sale to refund.

Select View Details from the "..." menu next to the payment information.

Select Refund from the "..." menu.

Ensure the amount to refund is correct and select Refund.

Step 2: Updating the original sale

After successfully refunding the payment, void the original sale to ensure you have accurate reports.

Go to the Sales screen and select the sale to void.

Select Void from the "..." menu. Select Confirm to void the sale.

Once confirmed, the sale is voided and won't be included in any sales or payment reports.

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