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Client Notes and Appointment Notes

This article covers client notes and appointment notes. You can also add timeline entries that are separate from the client notes.

Client Notes

Client notes (also called global notes) are reminders or comments added to a client's profile that are internal only and not visible to the client. Client notes are useful for things like client allergies or other important information about the client.

Client notes appear prominently when booking, viewing, or checking out an appointment for a client. These notes are not connected to a specific appointment or date.

To add client notes, go to the client details and add the notes in the Notes section.

After adding client notes, the notes will appear when booking, viewing, or checking out an appointment for the client.

Appointment Notes

Appointment notes are reminders or comments added to a specific appointment.

To add appointment notes to an existing appointment, select the appointment on the calendar.

Select the pencil icon to edit the appointment.

Add the notes in the Add an appointment note field and select Save Changes.

After saving your changes, an appointment icon displays to indicate the appointment has notes. This appointment icon also displays if a client adds a comment to their appointment via online booking.

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