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Business Intelligence: Appointments Report

This article covers the Business Intelligence: Appointments report, including how you can use the data from specific columns. In this report, Booked hours include hours that were booked outside of the staff member’s Available hours.

Learn more about the available reports on the Reports screen.

Report columns

The table below provides more information on the different columns in the report.




Includes the staff member’s available hours, booked hours, and booked percentage. In Mangomint, staff member productivity (utilization) refers to how many of a staff member’s available hours were booked.


Includes the number of times and the percentage that a staff member was requested out of the staff member’s total number of appointments. A staff member’s requested percentage can help you understand how loyal clients are to specific staff members.


Includes the number and percentage of walk-in appointments. A walk-in is an appointment that was created within 1 hour before or 1 hour after the appointment start time.


Includes the number and percentage of prebookings. A prebooking is an appointment that was created within 24 hours of the client’s last appointment start time or anytime before the client’s last appointment start time. Prebookings are a leading indicator for client retention and staff member performance.

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