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Free body chart template downloads (PDF)

Explore our library of free body chart downloads to use in your business.

Free body chart template downloads (PDF)

Your charting is only as powerful as the tools and templates you use. Online features can help you do more in less time, while full-body charts offer a landscape tailored for these notes.

Explore our series of free full-body charts for medical spas, estheticians, massage therapists, day spas, and other experts to use with Mangomint's Image Markup feature.

Before-and-after body chart template

You can capture detailed progress notes on a before-and-after body chart. This gender-neutral body chart is perfect for annotating measurements and other details that may be affected by your service — including pain, hair coverage, wrinkles, acne, and so much more. Download your free chart below.

Choose your before-and-after body chart format: PDF | PNG | JPEG

Musculoskeletal body chart template

Whether you are charting out massage muscle targets or injection sites, a musculoskeletal full-body chart can help. These templates let you add visual indicators alongside your service area notes.

Choose your musculoskeletal body chart download: PDF | PNG | JPEG

Gender-neutral front and back full-body chart

The traditional front and back body chart is a staple in the wellness industry. You can use these templates to educate clients, collect information, or document treatment areas. Our gender-neutral body chart can seamlessly support any client or appointment. Projected lines on this download also make it easier to provide more exact annotation placement.

Choose your front and back chart format: PDF | PNG | JPEG

Masculine and feminine full-body chart

In some businesses, gender-neutral body charts may miss key traits relevant to the service area. An inclusive alternative is a chart with both a masculine and feminine form, letting clients choose which to markup during intake.

Choose your masculine and feminine full-body chart format: PDF | PNG | JPEG

All-sides body chart

All-sides body charts add extra perspectives to your records, which can be especially helpful when dealing with pain. Traditional front-and-back charts (as seen above) may leave some clients confused about whether or not to mirror the image. By adding side dimensions, the direction becomes clearer. This chart can also be helpful for documenting posture correction in some massage therapy treatments.

Choose your all-sides body chart download: PDF | PNG | JPEG

Body Measurement Charts

Medical spas offering services like CoolSculpting may benefit from body measurement charts, which can capture the full effect of a treatment. Measurements can also be helpful for services like laser hair removal or capturing the size and placement of tattoos.

Male and female measurement chart

In many businesses, this full-body measurement chart can serve as an all-in-one tool. Our universal template includes both a female-presenting and male-presenting figure, making it a simple choice for documentation.

Choose your male and female measurement chart download: PDF | PNG | JPEG

Female measurements body chart template

Parts of the beauty and wellness industry are designed to provide a safe space for women of every type. Female-specific measurement charts can help inform your treatment and provide this supportive care. Our chart also includes different arm postures with projected lines for clear note-taking.

Choose your female measurement chart format: PDF | PNG | JPEG

Male measurements body chart template

Male-specific measurement charts can help you tailor your treatment to masculine clients. These templates provide clarity on services offered by medical spas, waxing or sugaring salons, tattoo shops, barbershops, and day spas.

Choose your male measurement chart download: PDF | PNG | JPEG

How to use full-body charts

There are countless ways you can use full-body charting in your salon or spa. Most commonly, you can upload any of these images (or our face chart templates) to our software's forms feature. Then, enable our image markup tool to add shapes, notes, and other annotations. Of course, you can also use this tool to annotate real client images and save them to the client's chart as part of your ongoing treatment.

Watch our webinar on Image Markup

Watch our webinar on Image Markup

View a step-by-step tutorial on all the ways you can use Mangomint's powerful Image Markup feature in our webinar!

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