Transfer Future Appointments

If you are coming from an existing booking system, you will need to transfer all future appointments into Mangomint starting with the launch date.

Note: Only scheduled appointments from the launch date going forward need to be moved over. Please keep in mind that depending on how many there are, this step could take a significant amount of time.

Please note:
If you are migrating your client list to Mangomint, please wait until we have finished the import process before doing this step.

Disable your Notifications

  • First, you want to make sure that all client notifications are disabled in Mangomint. This is so your clients aren't getting lots of notifications as you move the appointments from your old system.

To do this, go to: Settings (Gear Icon) > Automated Messages:

  • Select the gear icon next to the default automated message:

  • Make sure "Send for appointments booked by a staff member" is disabled:

You will turn these on closer to your launch date.

Moving your Appointments

Once your notifications are disabled, proceed and move your appointments from your previous system. To do this, follow the instructions on how to create an appointment.

Things to keep in mind

  • If you have dedicated front-desk staff members, it's good practice to involve all of them in this process. That way everyone can familiarize themselves with the system ahead of the launch.

  • During this time please be sure to keep the appointments in both your old system and Mangomint up-to-date. This means that any change to a future appointment (such as rescheduling or cancellation) needs to be made in both systems.

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