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26 seasonal salon and spa email marketing templates + ideas

We have found the perfect email marketing messages your salon or spa can send year-round.

26 seasonal salon and spa email marketing templates + ideas

Email marketing for salons and spas doesn't need to be complicated. The seasonal connections we share offer a roadmap for marketing that naturally resonates with clients. Here are 26 salon email marketing ideas to help grow your business year-round.

January email marketing ideas for salons and spas

1. New Year's email campaign

The beginning of January is often filled with a renewed ambition for self-improvement. Where better for clients to start than within your salon or spa? Get them through your doors with an email marketing campaign.

New Year's email marketing template and example:

  • "New Year, new you at [your salon name]! We will ring you into the new year with all your favorite services. Book your appointment this month to enjoy a $[X] off coupon on any appointment add-on."

2. Cold weather promotions

Something about the cold weather, dry air, shorter days, and seasonal blues can prevent clients from getting the salon and spa services that might help them feel better. If you find business slowing down, an email marketing campaign can be the nudge clients need to get moving.

Cold weather email marketing template and example:

  • "Dry winter hair? [Your business name] has just what you need! Buy our deep conditioning package — including 5 services for the price of 4 — to keep your hair feeling fresh all winter long."

This promotion can be tailored to any pampering or moisturizing service.

February email marketing ideas for salons and spas

3. Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day marketing

Can your clients feel the love as your salon or spa prepares for Valentine's Day? Whether your customers are in a loving relationship, a complicated "situationship," or riding solo on Valentine's Day — this emotionally-charged holiday offers countless reasons why clients might need an extra boost from your salon or spa.

There are a few different ways you can position this email marketing:

  • "Fall in love with yourself this Valentine's Day. Visit [your business name] for our [exclusive deal] on your nail art."

  • "Give her the gift she really wants this Valentine's Day. Enjoy a [X]% off discount for all couples massages and luxury packages."

February is the perfect time of year to upsell add-ons for couple's massages, facials, gift cards, or luxury treatments.

March email marketing ideas for salons and spas

4. Spring break salon specials

From family vacations to college trips, you will notice your appointment slots filling up during the spring break season — which often starts in mid-March. Rather than offering a discount, such popular times of the year are ideal for upsell opportunities. For example, offering a membership promo will help get a higher volume of customers visiting your salon or spa more frequently. You can also increase the average appointment value with upgrades or add-on promos.

  • "Get into vacation mode with [service] from [your business name]! Turn on the travel vibes and get ready to look your best for all your spring break adventures. You can enjoy our [exclusive bundle] with all the services you need to glow. Members save even more with an additional [exclusive discount]! Book your appointment today to learn more."

5. St. Patrick's Day email marketing

St. Patrick's Day is the perfect time for fun and effective email marketing. These campaigns often appear with green, gold, or rainbow colors and seasonal symbols — like 4-leaf clovers and pots of gold.

St. Patrick's Day email marketing template and example:

  • "Today is your lucky day! St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and [your business name] is celebrating with some special deals. Make your appointment today for [X]% off any premium services."

April email marketing ideas for salons and spas

6. Easter email promotions

The Easter holiday presents another opportunity for seasonal sales for nail salons, hair salons, and spa businesses. These promotions usually appear with pastel colors and seasonal symbols — like Easter eggs and baskets.

  • "Hop into savings with exclusive deals from [your business name]. We have something for everyone's basket. Enjoy an Easter [gift card promo] now through the holiday!"

May email marketing ideas for salons and spas

7. Mother's Day salon and spa campaigns

Mother's Day is a key opportunity for salon and spa marketing promotions. There are two different ways you can position this sale:

"Treat yourself" campaigns can encourage mothers to get in your salon or spa chair. Beyond personal pampering, your target market may be preparing for Mother's Day festivities. An example and template includes:

  • "Mother's Day off: Give yourself a break this Mother's Day with our exclusive week of savings. When you book an appointment at [your business name] any day this week, enjoy a discount on all service upgrades."

"Gifts for Mom" campaigns can encourage children and partners to choose your salon or spa for their Mother's Day gift cards. Alongside an email marketing campaign, you will want to place some visuals around your community — as it is less likely for an email marketing campaign to reach your target market. Your marketing materials might use language like,

  • "Hint: Mother's Day is just around the corner. Give mom the gift of luxury this Mother's Day with a gift card from [your business name]."

June email marketing ideas for salons and spas

8. Summer vacation campaigns

Naturally, the summer season's warm weather and school calendar break can lead to an influx in travel and vacationing. However, with all the vacation planning in the works, your clients might need a reminder to book their appointments. Some potential email marketing angles include:

  • "Get beach ready at [your business name] today! Enjoy a [discount] when you book now through [campaign end date]. Get ready to look and feel your best during your summer vacation."

9. Warm weather email specials

While we know there are aesthetic benefits of a new haircut, this becomes a practical necessity for many facing the summer heat. A warm weather email marketing campaign can help fill appointment slots during slow weeks:

  • "Don't let the high temperatures keep you down. Cool off with a new haircut from [Business name]. Enjoy 20% off when you visit — this week only!"

July email marketing ideas for salons and spas

10. 4th of July promos

As the biggest summer holiday, 4th of July email marketing campaigns offer your best opportunity of the season. These emails often carry patriotic themes with red, white, and blue coloring. For example:

  • "Paint the town red, white, and blue with 4th of July deals from [your business name]. Enjoy star-spangled savings on [select services]."

August email marketing ideas for salons and spas

11. Back-to-school promotion

Parents want their children to walk into school on the first day with confidence — often requiring a back-to-school haircut. During this profitable season, you will want to get customers through your doors rather than your competitors. Running a back-to-school discount, promotion, or coupon in your email marketing campaign can help.

  • "Go back to school in style with a haircut from [your business name]. For a limited time, you can enjoy back-to-school savings on haircuts for the whole family!"

12. School Picture Day marketing campaign

When the school season approaches, parents are often busy gathering school supplies and new clothes. If they miss the back-to-school haircuts, they will likely need a salon visit before fall school pictures (often a month after the beginning of the school year — but you can check with your local school schedule for more specific targeting). This campaign will bring a second wave of back-to-school success to your salon.

  • "Don't forget picture day! You can get picture-day ready with a fresh haircut from [your salon name]."

13. College-specific promotions

If your salon or spa is in a college town, you will likely want to do a big email marketing campaign before the start of the new school year. According to the National Retail Federation, Back-to-College is the top US spending event — surpassing all gift-giving holidays. Word-of-mouth marketing within your local college life can help your business thrive.

  • "Welcome back, [school name for students]! This month, show your student ID to get an [exclusive discount] on all services."

September email marketing ideas for salons and spas

14. Fall into savings

With the autumn season being a time of fall fun, you can take advantage of these seasonal opportunities with an email marketing campaign. These promotions often embody red, orange, yellow, and brown color palates to signify the changing autumn leaves.

Fall email marketing template:

  • "Fall into savings at [your salon name]! Nothing pairs better with a pumpkin spice latte than your favorite [industry] services. Book today to get [X]% off a hair care treatment."

October email marketing ideas for salons and spas

15. Halloween email marketing campaigns

Get your spa or salon in on the fun of the Halloween season. An email marketing campaign can remind clients to book their appointments before they get swept away in the holiday festivities.

Halloween email marketing template:

  • "Spooky good deals coming your way! Visit [your salon name] this month for discounts on all your favorite services. Enjoy [X%] off gift cards, free [select service upgrade], and $[X] off your first month of any new membership. It is no tricks, all treats — all October long!"

November email marketing ideas for salons and spas

16. Giving thanks campaigns

As the end-of-year holiday season starts picking up, it is best to start your gift card promotions early. Thanksgiving is an opportunity for salons and spas in the US to offer a gift card promotion for those who want to express gratitude.

Thanksgiving email marketing template:

  • "Grateful for you: We are giving thanks with some exclusive membership deals. All new members can enjoy $[X] off your first month. All existing members get double points on all product purchases for the entire month of November."

17. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Especially if your salon or spa is in a busy shopping center, you can easily get your sales moving on the biggest spending day of the year: Black Friday. Use an email marketing campaign to share deals and let customers know that your location will be open.

Many Black Friday campaigns emphasize this sale as having the best deals and the lowest prices of the year. You might also limit the number of discounted items to create a sense of urgency.

  • "Unheard of savings: Enjoy exclusive Black Friday deals on our service packages."

  • "The Black Friday sale you have been waiting for! Our first 10 customers can enjoy [exclusive deal] on Black Friday only."

Salons and spas can also push online gift card sales during Cyber Monday.

18. Small Business Saturday

Shoppers are encouraged to support small businesses on the Saturday after Black Friday. You can take advantage of this opportunity with an email marketing campaign. The messaging here should be focused on "shop small" language.

  • "Shop small at [your business name] this Small Business Saturday. We are offering exclusive discounts on [select products, gift cards, or services]."

December email marketing ideas for salons and spas

19. Holiday email marketing campaign

Between work events and family gatherings — clients will want to look and feel their best during the holiday season. A holiday discount can encourage clients to choose your salon or spa over competitors as they book seasonal services. By sending out an offer in your next email marketing campaign, you can get the word out about this promotion.

Many holiday promotions have green, red, gold, and silver color themes. Potential promotional language options include:

  • "'Tis the season for feeling your best. Unwrap the gift of gorgeous hair before your holiday adventures. Enjoy an exclusive [discount] on styling services."

These email marketing campaigns also offer the perfect opportunity to remind your clients of your holiday schedule and hours.

20. Stress relief and wellness campaigns

While the holiday season is filled with wonderful spirits and connections, it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. From jam-packed schedules to gift buying in crowded stores with empty shelves, many of your clients will find themselves needing a break. You can connect with these customers with a stress-free email marketing campaign:

  • "A break for all of Santa's helpers: Visit [your business name] for a well-earned [discount] on [select services]."

21. Seasonal gift card deals

The holiday season is a key opportunity for gift card promotions. During the gift-giving season, you can encourage clients to buy gift cards from your business by offering an exclusive discount. These campaigns can help attract buyers who might be overwhelmed during the holiday chaos. Some email marketing ideas include:

  • "Let us do the holiday shopping for you. Find something for everyone on your list: All [your business name] gift cards are discounted [X]% through 12/23."

Evergreen: Marketing Ideas for Any Season

22. Birthday marketing discounts

Who doesn't love a birthday discount? Every month, salons and spas should send a birthday email promotion to your clients with upcoming birthdays. A robust Client Management feature in your salon or spa software can help you keep track of customer birthday months.

  • "Celebrate your special day with us! Happy birthday from your friends at [your business name]. Apply a [X% off discount] to a service of your choice when you book during your birthday month."

23. Taking advantage of the latest trends

In today's social media landscape, trends can come and go quickly — especially in the salon industry. Clients are often willing to pay top dollar for the "latest and greatest" services — you simply need to get the word out about your business. Capitalize on any new trends by building an email marketing campaign.

  • "The service you have been waiting for is finally here. Book your [trending service] at [Business name] today! Hurry — these appointments are filling up fast."

Hint: If you also add trending services to your Google My Business listing and your website, you will likely be the first recommended to new customers in search results and Google Maps.

24. Ad-hoc sales

Create your own branded "holiday" or sales event. This can help bring buzz to your business and get sales moving. Additionally, these sales can make a bigger impact without the extra holiday competition.

Perhaps the most noteworthy example of this marketing campaign is Amazon's annual Prime Day. In the salon or spa space, this might look a bit different:

  • "Anniversary sale: Come in to celebrate [X years] of [your business name]. As our first annual [brand] sale, we are offering exclusive discounts on all [products or services]."

25. Referral marketing campaign

Referral programs are easy word-of-mouth marketing opportunities that can have your clients doing the groundwork for you. If you ever find your business moving slowly, send out an email marketing campaign reminding customers of the discounts they get when they refer a new client. You could also do a temporary upgrade for your referrals to provide an extra incentive.

  • "Share your love for [your business name], and get an exclusive discount in return. For a limited time only, get double rewards for each new client referral."

26. Wedding season promotions for salons and spas

Virtually every season is "wedding season" — though this term applies most commonly to the spring and fall months. Wedding goers are likely to book hair, makeup, nail, and spa services leading up to the big event. You can get them through your doors with an exclusive promotion:

  • "Get ready for wedding season with [discount] from [your business]. You can also help the bride-to-be get ready for her big day with a [discount] on all wedding-themed gift cards."

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Emily Holzer
Emily Holzer is a Content Marketing Manager at Mangomint. She has a master’s degree in English and a passion for helping salons, spas, and other local beauty businesses thrive. When she is not writing, you can find her playing chess or tending to her houseplants. Fun fact: Emily has donated 8 ponytails (so far) across 5 hair loss charities in the U.S.

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