Payment Types

This article explains the different payment types available for completing a checkout.

Front Desk

Use this button to trigger the customer-facing payment flow on your front desk display.

To learn more, go to: How to Take Payments with the Front Desk Display


Use this button to let clients complete checkout, tip, and view their receipts directly on their personal devices.

To learn more, go to: Client Self Check-Out

Credit Card

Use this button to manually charge a credit card.

To learn more, go to: How to Manually Charge a Credit Card


Use this button for cash payments. If the Cash Drawer feature is enabled, all cash sales will update the cash drawer count.

To learn more about the Cash Drawer feature, go to: Cash Drawers


Use this button for check payments.

Gift Cards

Use this button to collect payment with a Gift Card.

To learn more, go to: Collecting Payment with a Gift Card

Other Payment

Select this button to track other types of payment. You can also add a note about the payment type that was used before saving.

Custom Buttons

Depending on your settings, other custom buttons may be added to meet your needs. Common custom buttons are Venmo, Paypal or other electronic payment apps.

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