Create a Test Appointment

Now let's create a test appointment. There are a two ways to do this:

From the Calendar Screen

  • To create a new appointment click anywhere on the calendar to open the appointment screen on the right.

  • Use the "+" button to create a test client.

Please note:
If you need to change the appointment time or staff member, you can drag and drop the appointment on the calendar.
  • Enter the details and use the Create button.

  • Select a Service and use the Book Appointment button.

Online Booking

If you are planning to use the online booking feature, you can also create a test appointment through your online booking.

This way you can experience how to book appointments from the client's perspective. It is also a good way to check and make sure that your staff and services are set up correctly.

First enable online booking by going to:

Settings > Online Booking > Setup & Integration

Note: This link is not publicly available and it will not be visible to anyone unless you give it to them.

Use the link to load your online booking page.

If you don't see anything on the online booking, please make sure that:

1. You have one or more services enabled for online booking. (Refer to: Add Services)

2. You have at least one or more staff member are enabled for your services. (Refer to: Enable Services for Staff Members)

3. Your staff member/s have at least some availability on the calendar. (Refer to: Add Staff Hours)

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