Choose the Features You Need

In Mangomint you have the option to enable only the features that you need for your business. The benefit of disabling features that you don't need is that the user interface will not display those options and it will make it easier for users to navigate the system.

To do this, go to:

Settings (Gear Icon) > Business Setup > Feature Manager

Cash Drawer

Enable this feature if you have a physical cash drawer and you want to keep track of regular counts, as well as pay-ins and pay-outs of the drawer.

To learn more, see: Cash Drawer

Gift Cards

Enabling this feature allows you to create, sell, and track gift cards.


In Mangomint, Packages are groupings of multiple services, generally sold at a discounted rate. Enabling this feature allows you to sell and keep track of packages. Learn more about managing and selling packages here: Packages

Time Clock

Enabling this feature allows you to track employee working hours and breaks. You can also make adjustments to time cards and generate time-related reports. To learn more about the time clock and managing time cards see: Time Clock


With memberships, you can offer your clients discounted services to be charged automatically on a recurring basis. In addition, you can also include perks and benefits such as product and other service discounts. Enabling this feature allows you to sell and keep track of memberships.

To learn more about membership, go to: Memberships

Client Self Checkout

The Self Checkout payment feature allows clients to complete the checkout process directly on their mobile devices.

Clients will be sent a text notification with a link to complete the payment, add tips, as well as view their receipts.

To learn more about Client Self Checkout, go to: Client Self Checkout

Purchase Orders

With our purchase order feature, you can easily create a list of products and quantities to order from each of your suppliers based on your preset inventory preferences.

The system will check your current stock levels against how many products you want on hand so you order just the right amount of product.

To learn more about the purchase order feature, go to: Purchase Orders

Intelligent Waitlist

Our Intelligent Waitlist allows you to keep track of clients who couldn't fit on the calendar, get notified when an opening becomes available, and easily book using the pre-filled client information.

To learn more about the Intelligent Waitlist feature, go to: Intelligent Waitlist

Integrated Forms

The Integrated Forms feature is a seamless way to create, customize, and collect important forms—all within Mangomint.

To learn more about the Integrated Forms feature, go to: Integrated Forms

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