Calendar Basics in the Mobile App

The calendar screen will always be the first screen visible when you sign in to your Mangomint account using the mobile app.

Day View

By default, the calendar shows the Day View and all scheduled staff for that day. This view allows you to see the schedules and appointments of multiple staff at once.

Note: Depending on your permissions, only your calendar may be visible.

Filtering Staff in Day View

Use the Filters button to adjust which staff is visible in the calendar. If multiple locations are enabled, use the filters to switch between those locations as well. Tap on the back arrow to close the filter.

3-Day View

The 3-Day View shows the schedule and appointments one staff member at a time.

To switch between staff members in this view, tap on the filter and select another staff member from the list.

Navigating Between Dates

  • To navigate between dates, swipe left or right on the calendar top bar.

  • You can also tap on the Month dropdown to go to a specific date.

  • To book an appointment for a specific number of weeks in the future, use the number of weeks buttons to jump to that date.

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